Friday, May 21, 2010

Hear me roar!

Why in the world and I starting this blog? To be honest, I'm not sure of the answer to this question. I actually attempted to start this blog several months ago but could not find the patience or ability (sadly) to figure it out. This morning (yes, I know it's now afternoon) I decided to defeat this beast and here I am, finally, typing away on my new but not yet paid for laptop. Who am I writing to? I don't know for sure who will end up reading my yada yada yadas, but really, I am typing for selfish reasons. Somewhere between losing my family home--the lake house where I grew up, the place where my parents lived and died--and having a baby, I've lost myself. I've lost writer Joy. I've become Slushy, wife of Steve and mother to Eli. And while I love both of these, I would not trade them for the world...I have to reclaim me: Joy Michele Beshears, writer, woman, human being. Any writer knows if you are not writing, you are lost. So hear me roar! It may not be a poem, it may not be a fabulous essay, it may be a rant, it may be a list of what I ate today, it won't be sent out for publication, and it might not even be good or correct writing. You may even see some misspelled words because I'm too lazy to do a spell check. But hear me roar! Perhaps this reclaiming of self will give me the patience and ability I know I have, not just for figuring out things like how to blog (I mean really!) but the patience and ability required for being a good mother for Eli and a good wife for Steve.

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