Sunday, September 5, 2010


Okay, so this is what I have my sites on now. Just look at this pile of crap. Sorry for the grainy cell phone picture. Believe it or not, this house is for sale! Yes, for sale! And this is just a tiny little part of the mess piled up around the place. The man who formerly lived there was a hoarder and this pile in the carport is only a small portion of what came out of the house. There is more inside that I have not seen and a barn in the back that is full. It's just like those cartoon closets that are packed full of junk. You pull one piece out and it all spills out. You open the door to this barn and your face is about 6 inches from a 12 foot wall of tightly packed junk. There is no telling what is in there. We offered to clean out the entire house, carport, yard and barn for the contents. That way the family could sell the house and the poor old man who lived there could have some money to pay for his care facility. But alas, the siblings are at odds. Or maybe their father isn't really in a nursing home, but trapped beneath a pile of rubbish in this very carport. Maybe someday we can clean it up, for his sake, for the neighbors' sakes. I mean really, can you imagine living next to this?

Happy holiday, people! And remember, just donate it.



  1. Yikes indeed! Sadly, we have not been able to help the family.