Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our Child Is a Slug, or: I'm Too Jelly Tired To Actually Write

Those of my minuscule following who read my Facebook know that I was up until all hours of the night making scuperdine jelly. This has taught me two things. 1. I can be successfully domestic. 2. I cannot stay up until 3am and function like a normal human anymore. I feel I had only six or so months of that skill left in reserve and I used them up when Eli was an infant. No, today is a day I wish I could just stay in bed and eat a liquid diet to avoid the repetitive movements of walking or lifting a utensil to my pie hole. But this cannot be.

Our fabulous Eli, however, has this down to a science. He is a slug, not the active child we thought. Just look at him. I am almost embarrassed by his level of slugdom.

Please observe how he has even avoided using finger muscles by propping his "bot" on his monkey woobie and arm. This child has mad talent!

I promise to post about our jelly adventures today or tomorrow. Well, honestly, you shouldn't expect much today. I have to go to God forsaken Chuck E. Cheese's this evening for a birthday celebration. Fun!

Rest well, peeps. Eli certainly does.
a jelly tired Slushy

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